Uttar Pradesh:CM Yogi hears problems of more than 500 people at Janata Darshan

Lucknow: The State government stands with the needy who face obstacles in accessing medical treatment due to financial constraints. Individuals should feel free to share issues with the government as there is no dearth of funds for the treatment of the sick, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday.

Listening to the grievances of more than 500 people at the Janata Darshan , the Chief Minister instructed all the District Magistrates and other officers of the state to prioritize resolving the problems of the general public. He further said that the officials who hesitate to solve the problems of the public will not be spared under any circumstances.

The Chief Minister instructed, “The officials must reach their offices on time to solve the issues of people on priority basis. Every possible help should be extended in a time bound manner.”

Most of the cases at the Janata Darshan were related to illegal occupation of properties, property disputes, family feud, seeking financial assistance for treatment.

Instructing the officials to dispose of matters related to revenue and police with complete transparency and fairness, he said, “Injustice should not be done to anyone. Every victim should be treated with empathy.”

Advising officers to pay special attention to the timing of their interactions with the public, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath instructed senior officials to be particularly attentive to scheduling public engagements across all departments. “Officers should be present at their offices during these interactions. In case an officer is not present in their office, they should delegate this responsibility to a subordinate, ensuring that the issues of the public are addressed with priority”, he stated.

Furthermore, police officers were mandated not to delay cases falling under police administration, but rather to resolve them within specified timeframes. Additionally, these cases should be managed at the police station level to strengthen public confidence in the police force, CM Yogi further pointed out.