CM Yogi urges voters to use their right to show those who insult Ram-Krishna where they truly belong

Sitapur : Fiercely attacking the opposition, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath called upon the people to wield their voting power against those who disrespect ‘Ram-Krishna’ and religious beliefs, ensuring they face the consequences and to show them their right place.

Addressing a public meeting organized on Seuta-Biswan Road on Tuesday, he appealed to make Sitapur MP and BJP candidate for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Rajesh Verma, victorious again. The Chief Minister emphasized, “We are in the new Uttar Pradesh of a new India. We have witnessed firsthand the progress that previous generations could only dream of.”

He continued, “A magnificent temple of Ram Lala has been constructed in Ayodhya, yet the National General Secretary of the Samajwadi Party has deemed the temple construction ‘worthless.’ If he had made similar remarks about a Muslim, it would not have been tolerated, but when it comes to you, he says whatever comes to his mind. Can you accept this?”

Without explicitly naming the Samajwadi Party, the CM issued a warning, stating, “These individuals are far away from power. ‘Chunaav ke baad inki garmi apne aap shaant ho jaegi’.” CM Yogi highlighted that while the SP used to arm the youth with ‘tamanchas’ (pistols),’ his government provided them with tablets.

Continuing his critique, he stated, “Supporters of the SP open fire on Ram devotees and perform ‘aarti’ for terrorists. They demand the withdrawal of cases against these perpetrators. They celebrate the death of Ram devotees and shed crocodile tears over the demise of the mafia.”

The CM expressed his fondness for the citizens of Sitapur and Seuta, emphasizing that this district is auspicious for BJP candidates. “Every time I have visited, BJP candidates have received your blessings. With your support, Gyan Tiwari became MLA, and along with MP Rajesh Verma, has made significant progress in addressing the flood problem.”

“Seuta Assembly and Sitapur district have received the highest number of houses and toilets in the country. Sitapur district has benefitted the most from the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme. Your choice of competent public representatives has ensured that your district is firmly connected to the mainstream of development. Additionally, numerous welfare schemes for the poor are also being implemented here”, he added.

CM Yogi highlighted the ongoing construction of highways across the country under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership. Namo Bharat, Vande Bharat, and Amrit Bharat trains are operational. “In addition to the expressways, our government has spearheaded a significant revival of Naimisharanya in Sitapur. We are now intensifying efforts to connect Sitapur with electric buses. We are addressing all issues in this region.”

In a sarcastic jab at the opposition, CM Yogi remarked, “Let the ‘supporters of Pakistan’ know that people are starving in Pakistan, a nation created after the partition of India. While there’s a struggle for a kilogram of flour there, 80 crore people in India are receiving free rations.”

CM Yogi emphasized that our MLAs and MPs stand in solidarity with the struggles of the poor. These individuals have ensured that the government provides facilities and financial assistance to the needy for their treatment. During the SP-Congress regime, however, these funds were were misappropriated for personal gain, depriving the poor of its benefits, he stated.

“However, the Uttar Pradesh government bears expenses from the birth of a daughter until she is eligible for marriage. The BJP is committed to providing welfare schemes, security, development, and dignity to the poor.”

CM Yogi also forged an emotional connection with the residents of Sitapur. He recalled how Paramvir Chakra recipient Captain Manoj Pandey hailed from this soil, bravely securing victory for India in Kargil and sacrificing his life to save his comrades from the enemy.

He criticized the Congress-SP alliance for supporting terrorists, cow slaughter, and opposing the Ram Temple. He urged the people not to support such individuals, highlighting that the alliance of Congress, SP, and I.N.D.I. is detrimental to the nation. He emphasized the urgency of eliminating this alliance for the development of India.

On this occasion, many saints, including Sant Premdas Ji Maharaj, MP and BJP candidate Rajesh Verma, MLA Gyan Tiwari, Nirmal Verma, Asha Bhadauria Mahmudabad, and former MLA Sunil Verma, were present.