UP to develop aspirational local bodies on the lines of districts and blocks 100 municipalities- nagar panchayats will be selected and developed under the scheme.Efforts will be made to carry out development in areas of health and nutrition, education & infrastructure among others

Lucknow: In an attempt to effectively transform the under-developed local bodies by identifying its strengths and driving improvements along the socio-economic themes, the Yogi Adityanath government has started identification of 100 local bodies on the lines of aspirational districts and blocks in the state.

Significantly, only nagar panchayat and nagar palika parishad will be included in these 100 urban bodies, while the municipal corporations will be kept out of it.

On the instructions of the Chief Minister, an action plan has been prepared under which efforts are being made for holistic development in areas including health and nutrition, education, roads, drinking water, electricity, solar energy, financial inclusion, skill development and infrastructure development.

Performance indicators will be fixed for each sector, on the basis of which progress of these bodies can be reviewed. On the lines of aspirational development blocks, these 100 aspirational urban bodies will be directly monitored at the government level.

Municipal corporations will not be included under the programme, as they are part of other schemes such as smart cities, however, the government will consider the inclusion of newly created local bodies.

Besides, the CM Fellowship Scheme will be implemented in aspirational bodies on the lines of blocks, and one research scholar will be selected in each body. Suggestions will also be taken from the researchers to solve the challenges faced in the operation of the schemes and to provide the benefits of the schemes to the public. The researchers will participate in works related to planning, structure and implementation of the scheme.