Yogi distributes tablets to newly selected researchers under Chief Minister’s Fellowship Program The ‘talented youth’ will help Uttar Pradesh become the number one economy: CM Yogi

Lucknow | Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday announced that weightage will be given to the researchers of CM Fellowship programme in administrative services, adding that the ‘talented youth’ will help Uttar Pradesh become the number one economy.

Handing over tablets to newly selected 100 research scholars under the CM’s Fellowship programme, the Chief Minister said, “The selection of research scholars for development of aspirational blocks will be an innovation in itself, as they will gain valuable expertise by then. The 100 CM Fellowship researchers will be given preference in administrative services.”

The CM urged all the researchers to work in the block for the next two to three years and give better results. “Because the majority of people hold PhDs, MTechs, and MPhils, research books on rural development can also be created. You will have the opportunity to do this. All the research scholars should be given accommodation facilities in their development block so that the work can be done better,” he added.

It is noteworthy that out of the total 100 research scholars selected for the CM’s Fellowship programme, as many as 27 are females and the rest 73 are males. The researchers will join in November.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said, “It is a significant day today when the scheme is being realised on the ground under the guidance of Prime Minister Modi.CM Fellowship researchers are getting their appointment letter. They will visit 100 aspirational development blocks in the state and aid in their growth.”

The CM continued that it is also a significant day for UP in terms of rural development. With 1 lakh revenue villages, over 58,000 Gram Panchayats, and 826 dev blocks, UP is the most populous state. More than 75 percent of the state’s population resides in villages. These scholars will aid in developing the 100 aspirational development blocks that have been chosen to develop the rural area.

The Chief minister said that eight of Uttar Pradesh’s aspirational districts had got ranking in the top 20 list among the 112 aspirational districts of India while the state’s five districts figured among the top 10 aspirational districts.

“I was unable to understand anything in the beginning. As time went on, we began to work on it and made a few decisions with the ministries and administration. We ensured that there was no shortage of resources and manpower in any field. No extra money was spent for the development of aspirational districts,” said CM.

Maintaining that on the lines of aspirational districts, 100 aspirational blocks have been selected in the state of the total 826 blocks, the CM said, “A dashboard has been created in the Planning department. More than 26,000 people applied for the CM’s Fellowship programme of which 100 selected ones are getting their appointment letter today. They will have to work as a team. The government will give a fixed honorarium to the research scholars, but they will have to upload their daily progress report.”

Additionally, he said that “our inability to do the documentation of our work is the biggest weakness. The 100 researchers will have to work in their development blocks and along with data collection, they will have to do the processing of documentation.

Highlighting the importance of documentation work, the CM said, “We have constituted our Group of Ministers who visit different districts and submit their report. The results are satisfactory.” The CM praised Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak’s efforts and said that he produced a thesis of 25 districts, which is a documentation in and of itself.

The Chief Minister informed that he has asked the Department of Infrastructure and Industrial Development to keep some research fellows who are associated with IIMs, IITs and other universities for the investment. “They will help the investors in setting up their industries in Uttar Pradesh,” he said.