50,094 held for involvement in illicit liquor trade in UP since January, 2022

Lucknow | As many as 50,094 persons have been arrested for manufacturing, transporting and sale of illicit liquor and 50615 cases registered in this regard in Uttar Pradesh between January 1 and July 31 this year, a press release revealed on Wednesday.

The Uttar Pradesh Police recovered a total of 3, 32, 881 litres of English liquor, 11,48, 928 litres of country liquor as well as 23, 51, 154 kgs of ‘Lahan’ during this operation and also destroyed 3781 illicit liquor kilns.
It is worth mentioning here that the Uttar Pradesh Government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has launched a massive crackdown on mafia involved in drug and illicit liquor trade as well as cattle smuggling in the state. Yogi Government has directed the law enforcement agencies to not to spare anyone involved in these activities.

3, 32, 881 litres of English & 11,48, 928 litres of country liquor seized, 3781 illicit liquor kilns destroyed

During the same period, the police registered 6006 cases against drug leaders and arrested 6692 accused while recovering 42,898 kgs of ganja, 610 kgs of charas, 144 kgs of opium, 13 kgs of heroin, 79 kgs of smack, 13 kgs of morphine, 200 grams of cocaine, 3333 kgs of doda and 14 kilograms of synthetic narcotics psychotropic drugs from them.

The Police also registered 4917 cases against liquor/drug mafia and arrested 617 accused during the period, out of which 10 accused have been booked under National Security Act, 473 under Gangsters Act and 254 under Goonda Act.

348 held for cattle smuggling, 2733 cases registered

Besides, the UP Police has opened the files of 305 history-sheeters and impounded illegal property worth a whopping Rs 3,41,86,45,362 in 226 such cases.

Yogi directs police to not to spare liquor, drug & cattle mafia at any cost as illegal properties worth billions of rupees are impounded

The Police also took stern action against cow smugglers during the period arresting 348 accused and registering 2733 cases, of which 16 have been booked under NSA, 312 under Gangsters Act, and 157 under Goonda Act. The Police have also opened files of 213 history sheeters and has confiscated illegal property worth Rs 30, 13, 24, 109, 103 of the cattle mafia in 103 cases.

The press release added that between August 1 and August 23, the UP STF arrested 12 drug dealers and recovered from their possession 549 kg of ganja, 02 kg of opium, 210 gm of morphine, as well as cash and vehicles used by them.