Ram Darbar adorned with local & international flowers Teams of specialised artists take part in flower decoration

Ayodhya | Shri Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya is adorned with numerous quintals of flowers to make Deepotsav even more magnificent. Along with native types, special exotic floral decorations have been created.

Teams of specialised artists have been invited from areas like Mathura, Sitapur, and other cities to work continually on the decoration.

Balkrishna Saini, who took the responsibility of flower decoration, stated that the flowers were imported from outside to adorn the place of Lord Ramlala. These flowers will be utilised to make Rangolis as well as to decorate the Ram temple and for the decoration of the gate.

In addition, six quintal flowers with petals that are white, blue, yellow, purple, and green have been used to make Rangoli. About 40 quintals of marigolds and 2,000 bundles of gerbera flowers have been used to decorate the Ram temple. In addition, various species of flowers from Kolkata and Bangalore were purchased, including orchids, lilies, denim, and carnations. Balkrishna Saini said that earlier he had done the floral decoration during Shri Ram Lalla’s Prana Pratishtha.