Prepare an action plan to set up biofuel plants in every district, says Yogi Uttar Pradesh will emerge as a ‘model’ in terms of biofuel production: CM

In a high-level meeting on Sunday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to authorities to prepare a bio-energy policy, emphasising the need to promote bio-fuel production in the state


-As per the vision of PM Modi, our efforts to promote bio-energy projects like Compressed Biogas, Biocol, Ethanol and Bio-Diesel have yielded positive results. Till now production has commenced in 02 units of Biocol while 01 unit of Compressed Biogas has been completed in the month of June.

-We have to develop the biomass supply chain for future needs. There is a need to promote the use of biofuels in the field of energy and transportation. Biomass pellets should be used in power generation plants. Concerted efforts are needed in this direction.

-Promoting biofuels will be helpful in reducing dependence on crude oil and promoting a cleaner environment. Biofuel will not only help in meeting our energy needs, but also help in generating additional income and employment.

-The use of biofuel will reduce carbon emissions. Today, the whole world is worried regarding this. In such a situation, Uttar Pradesh has an opportunity to present a model. A new bio-energy policy should be formulated to make Uttar Pradesh a leading state in this field full of immense potential.

-Efforts should be made to achieve the target of producing 500 tonnes of CBG per day of compressed gas in the next 5 years. In this way, we will be able to achieve the target of producing 1.5 lakh tonnes per annum. Similarly, the target of 2000-2000 tonnes per day for biocol, biodiesel and bioethanol should be worked out.

-All necessary support including easy availability of land, and capital subsidy will be provided to the investing companies in this sector. The industry must be consulted while formulating a new bio-energy policy. Understand the needs of the investing entities/companies. Taking the opinion of all the parties, a new policy should be prepared after comprehensive consultation.

-We will have to make special efforts for a permanent solution to the environmental challenges arising from stubble burning. This issue should be taken care of in the new policy.

-Planned efforts should be made to establish a minimum of 01 biofuel unit in all 75 districts. This work should be done with priority. In the next phase, it should be extended to every tehsil.

-Vacant land in village society/revenue land/sugar mill premises should be used for setting up bio-fuel plants and for storage of biomass.